May 19, 2014

Making Your Cusomters Comfortable

You might not notice all the small things that your salon did to make you feel relaxed and welcomed, as a salon customer. But as a new, in home salon owner, you have to think about all the small steps you can take to create a relaxing, stress free environment for your clients.

Creating a relaxing, high end salon starts as soon as your customer walks through the door. You usually want to greet your customers and let them know you’re glad they came in. In order to create a luxury experience, offer them cucumber water or even a glass of wine. Let your décor and how you treat them explain the type of experience you want them to have. Focus on exactly what your clients want; ask them to show you photos of the haircut they are interested in. Talk to them about how to style their hair at home. And, of course, purchase them talking. A comfy customer is one who seems like you’re a buddy, not just a stylist. If you’ve got the gift of gab, this is the time to use it.

Another key to client comfort are the <a href="">salon chairs</a>. Customers will spend quite some time sitting in your chairs, with little movement. So, you need to make sure there is a chair that is certainly comfortable. The most effective chairs are the ones that customers don’t think about. They shouldn’t be worried that it’s uncomfortable, concerned about the rear being too low or their feet not touching the bar, if they’re short. You will discover great chairs, portable shampoo bowls, towel warmers along with other necessities that will make your clients feel right in the home at <a href="">The Salon Outlet</a>. A comfortable customer at your in home salon can be a customer who will not only return but also tell their friends.


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