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Valentines gift ideas

So as the eventful day arrives I am sure you all have such wonderful and loving plans with your loved ones. I truly believe its a day to be loving to all that you know! Family friends and people you really care for and matter in your life. As I have always believed, the main thing about this day is to make sure you make the close ones in your life feel very special.  So my romantic plans are with my hubby and little boy to spend some quality time with them and make it a very eventful day.  

Valentine Days Gift Ideas for HIM!

1) Perfume - I decided to surprise my hubby with a lovely Burberry Weekend perfume for him along with Polo shirts. Its simple yet useful and I knew he loves burberry. These special occasions are a great way to buy something they want.

2) Nike or Adidas Shoes - Pratical, and its always comes handy espiecally if your man is an outdoorsy person. 

3) Nikon Digital Camera - Nowadays instead of the DSLR or the high end expensives cameras if hes really into photography and uses his mobile, a camera might be a great way to give an idea to him.

4) Cufflinks Inscribed his Intials - Get his names Initials inscribed on cufflinks that he can wear everyday and remmeber you! Cant get more romantic than that.

5) Favorite case of alcohol -  If he enjoys a beer or brandy! Just get him a bottle. After all this is day to spoil him and make him feel pampered right. 

6) Prepare him his favorite meal - If you have a signature dish he loves, make it dim the lights, set the candle light going at your place and surprise him from work to come home to you dressed in your finest and have a romantic evening with great food and conversation and more..

Valentines Gifts for HER!

1) Jewelry  - Women always love Jewelry. It doesnt always need to be expensive diamonds or pearls. You can always look at simple looking crystals or precious stones. They are as beautiful as the others. 

2) Makeup set - If your girl likes makeup, its easy to take her on a shopping spree and buy her some latest edition of cosmetics of her favorite brand. Its can be reasonable set if you get her a gift voucher or take her to her favorite store. 

3) Beautiful handbag - A pretty handbag...surprise her! She would love it. Girl can never have any less number of bags. Find out what she likes or does she have any preference and surprise her!

4) Romantic dinner date - Take her out for a beautiful dinner at a outdoorsy restaurant overlooking the sea or beach, a waterfront restaurant and make sure the menu has all her favorites options to order with champagne and choclates! Buy her a beautiful dress too fort he occassion it will make her feel like a princess!

5) Flowers, chocolates and movie date! - This might sound cliched and so very boring but can be romantic if you rent a private screening with minimum seats of 8 and call her friends too! She might love the surprise and you can get some private time wit her on this special day!

6) Mixed tape or a photodiary - Simple gestures if you are really having a tough time planning an event or there are external constraints, make sure to do some sentimental things to maket he day special either ways. Have a tape with all the songs that bring back memories of you two together and take snapshots and compile an album of the best moments see her melt!

Photos - Steven Khalil '14 campaigh.

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