January 28, 2012

Alice Rosati: 'Purr'fect Fashion

Flipping through photographer Alice Rosati shots can always guarantee you some classy unique trends. I've grown a liking for kittens-inspired-fashion hats after watching these shots. Fashion can really take you someplace else, your preferences can always be changed if the trends call for it. Im so 'Kitten'..oops! I mean 'Smitten'

January 24, 2012

GIVEAWAY : Handmade Bridal Bouquet

Weddings always bring out the best in me :) Its the happy occasions of family and friends meeting up to celebrate the union of the happy couple...Great opportunity for presenting eachother with lovely gifts as well. Speaking of weddings, a week back I had featured an interview with owner of talented creative bridal design store named 'The Sunny B' and I had mentioned of my FREE Giveaway! Here it goes, arent the images below lovely? 

January 20, 2012

Golden Globe 2012 : Red Carpet Highlights!

There's a huge buzz around the latest trends at the recent Golden Globe awards, and I'm sure you all have had a look of the outfits and the gorgeous stars dressed to kill. So I decided this Golden Globes had such amazing gowns that I just had to feature them. I'm not a biggie on red carpet features, except maybe Oscars or Cannes. However, this years Golden globe has taken on another level of absolutely amazing style!

Fashionista Era's Top Picks:

January 18, 2012

LA PERLA : Spring 2012 & Discount Offer upto 70%

The Spring 2012 collection of La Perla really has such great looks overall. I'm sure all you lassies would look for some great deals on the collection. I love the nightwear and it looks so good and each piece has such great style and lace naturally is one of my favorite materials. LA Perla is a such a great luxury brand and I absolutely adore their lingerie line. They being my lovely sponsor and additional to that imagine my excitement to share with you about the latest offer. Upto 70% off on sales of Swimwear to Lingerie and great stuff for Men too. Simply click here. after that select the option 'Outlet' 

January 16, 2012

Exclusive : 'The Sunny B' Store, Handmade Bridal Bouquet

As the beginning of this New Year, I felt it would be great to appreciate the new creative talent as well! Recently, I've begin to come across some really unique and beautiful stores, that offer a range of great collectibles. One of them being 'The SunnyB' store! Its a natural bouquet, that has classic yet very original styles of bridal bouquets, and the best part is they are reasonably priced! So I decided to get a lil more info from the store owner 'Sunny B' and tell us more about herself and her lovely creations :)

January 14, 2012

Gustavo Cadile Masterpiece Dresses

I absolutely love the collection and the exquisite outfits of Gustavo Cadile. Such refined designs and if you see each dress of any of the collections, each piece looks totally different from another and so very breath takingly beautiful! Which is your favorite outfit? ;)

January 12, 2012

Glamdoll Martha Streck : Elle Jan '12

"It's not money that makes you well dressed, but knowledge" -Christian Dior

In today's scenario, you go through catalogs and so many designers and its forever rising, but then they are those looks that you stop at and are amazed at the outfits which seem so loud yet so classy to wear. It feels that almost anyone can get hooked onto this fashion trend. Thats the feel Model Martha Streck did with the pictures in this shoot! The colors look loud yet, she has managed to carry it off with such ease and absolutely look stunning while doing it. I would love to own one of these pieces espiecally the purple one, oh what a delight to watch such luxury on me...hehe...Wishful thinking for now ;) 

January 10, 2012

Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring '12

No surprise here that LV is by far one of my favorite brands. We all know it for its class, elegance and the fact that it makes you feel priceless...No harm in indulging in that once in a while. All I believe is I see a lot of people who get so engrossed in getting the latest bag or collection..But remember, they call it 'accessory' as it only 'adds' to your look. Anyways, I decided to feature the 'Men's collection' as to change it up too. Besides I've noticed that the male followers on Fashionista Era has also gone up! This one is for all of them :) I'm sure we would want to our own leading men to be up to date with the trends! Here is the Spring collection '12! Essentially the obsession with 'possession' has taken us over, if a well known designer isnt mention then our attire simply isnt important. Similarly, remember people dont focus on 'possession' its about what you possess - The power to recognise that your unique, without your possessions!! ;)

January 8, 2012

Sportmax SS'12 Campaign

Recently coming across the brand 'Sportmax' its an Italian clothing brand and I found it quiet chic! The styles and textures have really appealed to me and it is one of my favorites right now! Check the collection out. Dont forget to shop at exclusive offer  to save upto $35 for my blog @ Romwe Store, offer only till 15 Jan. Just click here

January 5, 2012

Coffee Chat : Yelena from All Glam Things

Hi Fashionista Era readers! My name is Yelena Starikova,  Image Consultant and Editor at Glamthings —a website where you can find fashion advice, color inspiration, and personal thoughts on being 20-something and glamorous. Today I'm guest blogging on F.E for Hanz and here to share a little more about what I feel about Fashion.  Here are some some questions Hanz asked and I'm happy to answer.

January 4, 2012

Greg Kadel : Scraf take a new meaning..

Once upon a time, a Scarf was a mere accessory to your outfit..it would be around your neck, or on your purse..but in Greg kadel's photography for Vogue Jan '12, mag shoot. You can easily see how its become a fashion outfit must have! Next time you think about scrafs I'm sure this collection will get your mind thinking in different ways of how to have it in your wardrobe! 

January 2, 2012

Luxury Express : Maharaja Express @India

My usual travel across India is probably through flights and I guess lets face the facts, today wherever you travel its totally crazy and busy...Until this new 'Maharaja' Express that lets you enjoy your travel through trains across India. Here's some info I found - Launched in January 2010 Maharajas’ Express is the most luxurious train of Indian Railways and one of the most expensive in Asia. It’s newly-built train with all the modern amenities of a 5-star hotel combined with the ageless charms of classic Indian culture. It was recognized as the best of such kind in the world. For eight days this luxury train will carry you across the country by the most famous attractions of India. Cost of trip per person ranges from $800 for deluxe coupe to $2,500 for the presidential suite per day.

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