April 21, 2012

Travel: Greece..Beautiful Islands!

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My greece trip had happened a while back but thanks to my crazy travel/ life and other things I totally kept postponing this forever...! Sorry, but back as usual to share one of my writeups from my Travel blogs : Desination Greece!!  The travel time is a few hours, so that was convenient. On our stay in Athens, I was fascinated by the monuments and lifestyle of people here. Santorini was another island I had heard about from friends to definitely visit, though at 8 hours travel duration we couldnt head there. We did visit the nearby islands and they were so very gorgeous!! 

I had such an awsum time I tell you...well firstly, it was HOT!  I thought my hometown was hot, but Greece felt much more than that...I guess we kept walking around in sunny weather and that can get to you. But trust me, its like you stepped into a painting, the scenery is so spotless. Its sad to hear about the riots that recently broke out in Greece, because we visited earlier to that the people are very classy and peaceful. The nightlife has its own magic, its fun and dance all the way and the locals have their own way of enjoying and merriment. I think that is the spirit that I will take away with me in this experience the most probably.

The fashion scene was really good. The locals wear dresses, shorts with tank tops and very casual light clothing, which suits the heat and the weather well. I chose to wear light colors with white, cremes and carried my maxi dresses which I loved to wear here, thanks to the long winters in my city its hardly possible...So Greece was the perfect getaway ;) Our trip was a well planned one, so we managed to get into all kinds of adventure. Thanks to my hubby schedule we ensured to do the siteseeing in a very organised manner :) Visited all the monuments and famous places, we eat at our favorite Indian restros :p Our normal routine I guess hehe... Nonetheless, the islands nearby as you can see were equally beautiful and made me feel so relaxed. You almost feel royal to be embarking on a journey to see such beautiful place.

Contrary to belief, Greece is really expensive. A bottle of water was like 6 Euros..yes you heard me right. So prepare for the cost factor when you head there... :) Plenty of dough, but I love beaches and there was this beautiful seaport which has all the yachts and ships rested which head out to the Greek Islands. We went out for our dinners and enjoy the food, watch the sunset while we ate ice-cream (I know how cute and childish at the same time :) We were in Greece for over a week, so this seaport became one of my favorite locales, you could see the nearby islands from there and at the same time it had like over 20-30 restaurants to choose from, shopping and resting places were you could sit and watch the ocean (in the above picture you can have a glimpse of our view)

Explore the city was done by the best way - Tour bus..!! Took us to all the epic places like 'Acropolis', we stopped off at it and took a short hike to reach our destination...the View was magnificient :) Its really another feel, like your on the top of the world. At the same time, Greece is considered to be one of the safest cities in the world. People walk around at anytime in the night. There we were having dinner at odd hours and walking the streets post midnight and I actually saw people everywhere, it felt like it was 7pm or something lol. Another attraction is you will find lots of stores on the roads itself for shopping. Dresses, short pretty ones to the longest maxis to any kinda clothing related to summer wear was here. I just enjoyed my picks and couldnt decide among the gorgeous collections. They have a great sense of style too! So it wasnt just stores that were gorgeous even the small stores near the roads were so pretty with there clothes. So if you're headed there, dont forget to miss those. The downside is, its NOT cheap :p So carry a lotta cash! 

We stopped off another beautiful locale to have coffee and yes our backdrop? Greek islands!! See the pictures to believe it, we really had such a fab view of the ocean and along with a basketball court and people walking alongside the areas. My hubby isnt probably as adventurous as me when it comes to exploring unknown places..but I gave him a new perspective and eventually he realised it was so worth it as we walked along the islands and discovered it's beauty! 
I always believe walking is the best way to discover a place, even though we had some time crunch we always made sure to head out to our favorite spots daily and take advantage of the great weather - a bit hot, but I wasnt complaining. For the dinners and parties we attended, I dressed up in short dresses from H&M and Zara, I totally loved them. Casual, comfy yet stylish. Perfect way to enjoy the evenings. 

If your headed to these beautiful Islands make sure to have a lot of sun tan lotion, hard cash and get ready for the time of your life. Coz it would be a once in a lifetime experience ;) I have this love for the 'motion photography' I guess I refer to it as. Isnt this stunning?? How beautifully you feel that its a real life pictures without much movement. I guess this trend has caught on a lot and I want to get some of my pictures done like this...Would be fun!! Will try them out! Hehe

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  1. Beautiful picks! I am impressed on how expensive life in greece became, last time I was ther it was cheaper than italy.The crisis has made its damage....
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. yah trust me I was totally surprised too didnt expect it :p but nonetheless, loved the place!

  2. great pics! so envy!
    thanks for comment on my blog!
    i'll answer your question tomorrow okay?
    big kiss!!!

  3. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous! I am really bad in hot weather, so if I ever went there I'd have to spend all my time in a pool, haha! xx


    1. awww!! haha :p well thats not a bad idea too :D

  4. AMAZING pictures!
    you look so beautiful! love all the dresses esp the black one!

    xoxo kisses

    1. thank you honey! been a while :)) great to cya! how is coachella event going??

  5. Simply perfect. I love all the looks overall,beautiful.
    See you soon again,I'll keep visiting!

  6. Looks like you had a great time!Nice writeup!
    your simply classic and chic.

    1. aww thanks sweetheart! hope ya well :)

  7. Wow, looks beautiful, I hope you enjoyed! I am going there too in a month and cannot wait!


    1. aww thanks dear and im sure u will have a blast...I visited yr blog I liked it :)

  8. Dresses and those sites. love it! The striped dress is perfect for that summer look!

  9. Such pretty pictures, looks like you had a lovely time.
    I love the pretty color pink you have on!!

    Much Love

  10. absolutely stunning you and the view, jealous!

    1. how sweet! thanks honey :))but you look gorgeous in your picturs always!! hehe :D

  11. Love your pics, love this style!!


  12. It looks like you had an awesome time in Greece. These are lovely pictures!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. yah it was lovely sweetie! thank you :)

  13. you look beautiful! i wish Greece was only a few hours away! I would love to go. I have never been but I'm hoping that changes soon :)

    1. aww thanks suga!! yah u shd! dot miss the beautiful greece islands...:)

  14. amazing pictures! I'm following your blog and your facebook page!

    1. thanks a bunch girl :) whats your username on facebook?

  15. I leave in Greece!Hope you had a great time here!

    Stay Luxury

    1. oh really!! how lovely :)) yes you have a beautiful country!! :D

  16. Great pictures! I am sure you had a lot of fun! <3<3

    1. yes dear I did!! hope ya well :))

  17. That wonderful is travel around the world, really?
    Your pictures are amazing and lovely!

    The last one with motion pictures is great!! I want one with this!



    1. yahhhh its really fun travelling I must admit! But hun, the parties and events you attend are SOOOO gorgeous ;) You're having your own fun! hehe...!!

      Yahhhh!!! i want those motion pictures, im gonna try them sometime heheh :D

  18. Love your striped maxi hun, such a beautiful look for vacation in Greece! So jealous ;D

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS with 5 chances to WIN in honor of my blog’s 2year anniversary! Thanks for visiting and leaving your awesome comments...Would love for you to stop back in to check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

    1. WOW! u have such lovely giveaways! Totally love them...andddd I've participated! *finger's crossed* thanks hun!

  19. You look stunning in white . . .

    oxoxox from San Francisco

    1. thanks so much honey! your a doll :)

  20. nice photo!
    i like your blog ;)

    come see my blog pls

    1. you look gorgeous hun!! so very pretty!!

  21. Love love love!!! Beautiful pics, beautiful U!:) Next time when u come to Greece, we'll organize some meeting!;)

    1. awww sweetie! im touched!! absolutely will keep u posted! hugs!! very sweet of ya gorgeous!

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