December 17, 2014

Vacation Time

I havent been online posting recently coz Im on vacation guys for about 6 weeks spending time back home with family and its always lovely getting away. I have some holy temples and places to visit and spend time with my husbands family too! So quiet busy travelling throughout these months. 

The new year too with my family will be lovely. I always look forward to spending time with family it gives me time to disengage from the routine and mundane work and makes you smile to see you pampered and loved as always. Though my mom is a killer cook and I can envision myself gaining a good 10 pounds at the end of it I will make sure to enjoy all the food.

Wish you all a fabulous year ahead and a great new year! With a lot of love and happiness to all my lovely readers your love and time you have given to my blog along with my fab sponsors have been really special.

November 15, 2014

Animale S/S '13

I know I have been missing in action but the thing is I have been busy with a bit of shopping and packing for my holiday!! I cant wait and wedding to attend with some family events too. This is the time of the year I really look forward to it. Spending time with loved ones and delicious food and festivities. I wish somehow the time would just stay still. Oh well, I wish you all a fantastic year ahead with some love and great moments. I wont be able to post regularly in the next few weeks. 

November 8, 2014

Cutest baby dresses!

With my baby going to school, it really has changed my perspective. I miss spending time and being away from him yet I like that he has his own routine. The halloween party and events have always been got me in the shopping spree for him and its been so much fun! Now, I have a huge love for the latest fashion for babies. Being a mother really changes your perspective for liking the latest trends and fashion and came across these really adorable gorgeous dresses on this lovely site DRESSV!! 

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